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CCC Self Declaration New Announcement from State Administration for Market Regulation

February 26, 2020

A new CCC certification procedure “self-declaration” was published at October 17 2019 by a joint announcement by the SAMR (“State Administration for Market Regulation”) and the CNCA (“Certification and Accreditation Administration of the PRC”). In order to implement this regulation more comprehension, and expand market decisive role; strengthen the main responsibility from the manufacturers; lower the access cost from the regulations.  SAMR and CNCA decided to publish below regulations. Please read carefully

1. Adjustment the CCC mandatory product categories

SAMR has cancelled 18 product categories from CCC mandatory scope. See attachment 1.

The CCC certifications can be transferred to CQC certifications which is voluntary certifications. Or CQC will cancel the CCC certifications from system.

Attachment 1: CNCA publicized the products which are no longer in CCC mandatory scope from date 17th October 2019.

2. Expand the CCC self-declaration product categories

SAMR has added 17 product categories in self-declaration scope. See attachment 2. The new product categories we marked yellow color.

Attachment 2: CNCA listed the products which fall into self-declaration procedure. The new product categories we highlighted in yellow.

3. Adjustment the CCC mandatory certification implementation rule
  • Once the product is in self-declaration scope, then CQC is not allowed to issue CCC certifications anymore. Customers must register their self-declaration CCC at CNCA system (http://sdoc.cnca.cn ). After registration, the product can add barcode, CCC logo, then manufacturers can ship the products to China.
  • Since the publication of the announcement, customers which produce the self-declaration products must choose self-declaration procedure to acquire CCC since 1st January 2020. CQC is no longer issuing CCC certifications to self-declaration products.
  • Customers who have CCC certifications which is in self-declaration scope, all CCC certifications and reports must be transition to self-declarations before 1st November 2020. At the mean time customers must cancel the CCC certifications from CQC system before 1st November 2020. If customers want to hold voluntary certifications from CQC, then they can apply for transfer CCC to CQC certifications without any cost.
4. Adjustment of Telecommunication mandatory implementation rule

After the announcement, YD/T993 is no longer applicable for mandatory standards for CCC of <Technical requirements and test methods of lighting resistibility for telecommunication products>.This CCC self-declaration platform came into effect at 1st October 2018 by CNCA No. 11 notification.

For general information of the CCC please look through our website CCC certification. For more questions about self-declarations please feel free to contact us by info@ccg-certification.com.

CCG services of CCC Self-declaration: 

  • Fast CCC certification transfer into CCC self-declaration service with only 300 euro per CCC certification including free cancellation CCC certifications or transfer into CQC voluntary certifications. For more CCC certifications transferring, please contact us directly with extra discount.
  • Local representative service. CCG daughter company Guangzhou Shapphire Medical Technology Co., Ltd. can be your independent local representative company to lower your risk between certification and distribution.
  • New CCC self-declaration application full support from testing to registration.

CCC certifications transfer into CCC Self-declaration

Cost: 300 euro per CCC

Document: CCC certification no. or digital copy

Lead time: 5 working days.

New CCC Self-declaration Process with CCG Overview:

Project Phase Documents Needed for quotation by client CCG action Lead time for action CCG
Quotation request – CCC certification and report;

– Product specification;

– Chinese user manual (if Chinese version is not ready, EN is also acceptable)

Received documents and review the documents. 3 working days.
Quotation confirmed and signed Sign the quotation for confirmation.

Arrange the 50% prepayment. Payment term is 30 days.

Issue confirmation letter and 50% prepayment invoice 3 working days.
Project running The client will receive these prepared documents for confirmation, we might need some input from the client as well. But we will mark down in these documentation. CCG will prepare below registration documents:

1) Product specification;

2) Product technical documents, including critical components, circuit diagram and exploded drawing;

3) Chinese user manual;

4) CCC test reports or Self-declaration report issued by Chinese accredited test lab;

5) Product mandatory standards list declaration;

6) Self-declaration inspection report;

7) Self-declaration format.

6 weeks
Upload confirmed documents to CNCA system / Upload above confirmed documents to CNCA system. CNCA system will issue the QR code. With QR code, CCG will prepare the final self-declaration letter for the client to sign. Then client can print CCC logo and QR-code on their product, sell their product with the QR-code and self-declaration letter. 3 working days
Finish the project and sign the agent contract Arrange the remaining payment 50%.

Sign the agent contract with CCG.

Issue the remaining invoice 50%.

And send the agent contract to the client, CCG will be your agent in China as your contact person to handle the related information to you. And you are free to decide the agent with three-month notification. And agent cost is 1200 euro per year for maximum 10 products registered. If there is more than 10 registration, the working load is increasing, then we might discuss the additional cost with the client.

3-5 working days.
Annual maintenance Confirm the self-estimation inspection report and perform the PVT test. And then send these documents back to us. CCG will prepare the annual self-estimation inspection report and remind the client for confirmation check PVT test. CCG will upload the documents to CNCA. And if there is any information from government then CCG will remain the client notified. CCG will notify the client three months in advance.


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