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CCC Certification

Understanding the CCC Certification Process

The complete CCC certification process includes 6 clear steps. However, not all elements of the China Compulsory Certification (CCC or 3C) are of the same importance.

The 2 most important stages of the certification process are product testing (the products must be tested by an CCC accredited test laboratory in China) and factory inspection (initial factory inspection must be performed by an official Chinese certification body such as CQC).

The 3C certification once granted is valid for 5 years.However it requires to be maintained through annual follow-up factory inspection and market surveillance will be conducted by Chinese government randomly.

CCG can also offer full CCC self-declaration service, for more detail, please visit our page CCC Self Declaration New Announcement from State Administration for Market Regulation

Does my product need CCC certification?

First step, before you understand any CCC certification, you want to know whether your products need CCC or not? Follow below guides according to China CNCA:

Your product

Check your Chinese H.S. code. Your Chinese H.S. code is 10 digits.


Our documents:

Document 1 (.pdf)

Document 2 (.doc)

Find your code

If you can find your H.S. code in 2016 H.S. code related with CCC mandatory, then you must have CCC before export to China.

CCC Certification Process Standard Steps

urgent process

At CCG, We Guarantee 4-6 weeks for a new CCC project (Excl. Initial factory inspection)

If the customer applies CCC for the first time, the complete process can take several months. Thus CCG can offer first CCC testing & certification later CCC initial factory inspection to suit customer’s sales/marketing needs;
If the customer has CCC factory inspection report, but they need shorter time to receive CCC certification. Thus CCG can offer 2 weeks guarantee CCC certification process for the urgent lead time customers;
If the customer want to customize their product certification process or service, please contact us for more options.

Standard duration

The table below gives an overview of all the 6 steps of the CCC certification process with an estimation of standard lead times for each step:

Timeline* Step
3 working days 1. CCC application online and get application no from certification bodies (CQC is the most popular certification body in China)
Up to customers 2. Samples and documents preparation guided by CCG quotation
3-4 weeks 3. Product testing in a Chinese laboratory
Parallel to the tests: 4-16 weeks Optional: One day pre-audit

4. Initial Factory Inspection

The certification body sends two Chinese auditors to inspect the factory. The audit takes two days for most of products.  If the customer has CCC factory inspection report, then this step will be skipped.

1 week 5. CCC certificate is granted
1 week 6. CCC-mark printing permission shall be applied or CCC sticker must be ordered. After approval by the certification organization CNCA, the CCC logo must appear on the product.

* = The lead time for the certification is fully dependent on the capacity & expertise of the authority, the laboratory and the auditors. Thorough planning ensures that the target duration will not be exceeded.


We Provide A Tailored Process To Clients for Chinese Certifications Needs

Directly from a CCC Test Lab – No Intermediary

China Certification Group (CCG) is the first official Subsidiary of Chinese Test Laboratories in Europe. This allows our company to provide European manufacturers local support for all CCC process (for new CCC certifications as well as for CCC updates and CCC Initial factory inspection service). Being colleague of the Test lab engineers and not just an agent presents great value for our customers in terms of speed and influence. We offer direct communication with the Test lab (having even an internal chat system) which means quicker replies to any question shortening lead time for new CCC as well as for updates of existing CCC.

Follow-up and Maintanance

After CCC is issued, this is not end of journey, however it is just a start. In order to keep your CCC, you will need follow up below information:

  • Regulation changes or update;
  • New Regulation, for instance, step by step, more and more products will be required for energy labelling;
  • Standard update, every 7 or 8 years the standard will be update with the new version;

CCG will provide all our customers these information in time regularly. And we will also update these information to our website.


In order to maintain the current CCC, you might face below issues:

  • Follow up factory inspection is not going well or face a problem;
  • Failure from market surveillance result;
  • Problems from the customs;

CCG will always be your Chinese expert to solve your problem and make sure all process smoothly.

Partnering with a Chinese official CCC test lab DIRECTLY with CCG, not only increases but guarantees a successful CCC certification while saving yourself and organization time, money and headaches.

The CCC certification process also includes an extensive list of application documents, factory preparation and various payments and fees. Through the aid of the China Certification Group (CCG), the entire process can be completed within 4-6 weeks (exclusive factory inspection) ; while without support, the entire process might easily take from 6 to 18 months.

Additional information

Cost of CCC Certification

Cost of CCC certification is highly depending on the product category, complexity of the product, number of types and difference between types. Thus CCG cannot give the estimation for the product testing and report cost. However we can give you the overall estimation for the first CCC for your reference.

The estimation first CCC cost listed as below:
• Product testing and report cost: from 1,000 euro to 5000 euro for most of products
• Initial factory inspection cost: 15,000 CNY, estimation roughly 2,000 euro
• Travel costs and expenses for two auditors: 2,500 – 3,500 Euro

For accurate quotation, please follow our contact page to provide requested documents.


All CCC certified products must have CCC logo on the product or package (only when the product is too small to add the CCC logo). The client can either print the CCC logo on to product directly or the client can order CCC stickers via CCG.

Importance notification: All CNCA printing permission certification was cancelled at 2018-05-01. Printing permission certifications do not need to be update any longer. Alongside with this change, CCC logo is simplified, no CCC s, CCC s & e, CCC e, CCC f logos will be used any longer, only CCC logo. Please download the new CCC logo for print on the label.

If you will print the CCC logo on your label directly, then please follow below size requirement and download the new CCC logo.