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China Energy Label (CEL)

CEL Testing and Registration Service

In 2003, the China Environmental United Certification Centre (CEC) launched the China Environmental Labelling Program (CEL). The CEL purpose is to promote environmental responsible practices by assisting producers in undertaking the production of green products while simultaneously raising awareness among consumers about green consumerism. CEL is a third-party certification scheme; it develops CEL implementation rules for each product category. CEL accredited assessors use these implementation rules to verify products compliance then release the publication.


By end of 2020-01-31, there are 37 products will need CEL test and registration. The listed below products will consider China CEL as example:

  • Household Air conditioners with fixed frequency or Inverter
  • Household/Commercial gas cooker
  • AC electrical fans
  • Washing machines
  • Household Refrigerators
  • Induction cooker
  • Storage electrical water heater
  • Heating pump water heater
  • Range Hoods
  • Microwave oven
  • Flat screen TVs
  • Displays
  • Photocopiers
  • Projectors
  • Computer
  • Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp
  • LED luminaire
  • AC contactor
  • Power transformer
If you are not sure whether your products need CEL, please send us your product details through email to info@ccg-certification.com

CEL Process

CEL process will consist below steps:

  • Step 1: register your company in CEL system, to acquire the unique username and password, if you have daughter firms who will need CEL registration, they can be registered under your user name as sub-user. This is only for the first time register in CEL system.
  • Step 2: Start type testing with an accredited Chinese test lab and get CEL test report;
  • Step 3: Start registration in CEL system with required documents. CEL will publish the registration in 15 working days when there is no comments from CEL.
  • Step 4: Download the CEL label with barcode from CEL system and print the CEL label with the product in user manual or on the product before export to China.

Important notification for testing: When manufacturer produce the family series products, you can select the worse sample to perform CEL, then the rest types can start registration based on the worse type. Of course, this must be convincing CEL that the difference do not affect the energy efficiency.

CCG can support you with completed CEL services or customized one of CEL service from above.